Friday, March 2, 2012

Sweetly Organic: Tapestry Jacket

I just absolutely love this jacket! I took it hostage from my mother and can't get enough of it. It's so earthy with it's ornate cotton stitching and raw silk lining. The necklace actually has a cute story behind it. I grew up loving this bolo style necklace of my mothers, somewhere along the way it got lost. I was spending the day with a great friend of mine and stumbled upon it at this charming antique shoppe, and the tiny sentimental part of me just had to get it. It goes perfectly with the woodland floral pattern on the jacket.

I'll save the best for last. The gold filigree earrings and striped forest green button up shirt are borrowed from my mother, the camel leather belt and bag are thifts ($0+$0+$1+$4). The concrete colored pants are discounted from Macy's and the lace-up boots were a gift ($45+$0). The Michael Kors cat-eye sunglasses are from TJ Maxx (I wish I had a better picture of them), they're my favorite pair ($20). And lastly, the woodland tapestry jacket, since it was borrowed was of no cost to me (certainly looks like a hundred bucks!)($0). 
Total out of pocket: $70

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