Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bright and Bold: The Skirt that Flirts in the Wind

I love this skirt!! It was love at first sight. I've been just dying to pull it out with all the bright colors in style this season however, today wasn't the most ideal day. It was windy to say the least. After leaving my house and feeling the wind jerk around my car I quickly turned around and slipped the tights on, they're surprisingly thick!    

Let's start with the small things! My earrings and necklace are courtesy of my mother ($0+$0). I loved this necklace growing up, it's so simple and chic. The bag I got at an estate sale and the shoes were on sale at Macy's ($3+$30). The head band I bought last Christmas at Clair's and the tights are deceivingly tight but so far indestructible (no snags!) and they were discounted at Kohl's ($5+$12). My super fun skirt is from Macy's (discounted of course) and the teal (it's much less green than it looks) cardigan is from my trip to San Francisco a couple of St. Patty's days ago and forgot to pack something green ($25+$18)! And finally, but certainly not least, the crinkle crepe de chine blouse I made using one of my mother's McCall patterns from the '90's (I have yet to ad the shoulder pads)($7+$0). Whew! I think that's everything!
Total out of pocket: $100

Photos taken by my surprisingly adequate photographer mother

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