Sunday, February 19, 2012

Balance, Rhythm, and Harmony

A balance of glamour and relaxed, I layered up for an over-night trip for friend's birthday, I stayed warm without being all covered up!   

Some of my favorite piece here! Silk scarf, Western Leather bag (one of my greatest finds, only 4 bucks!), and Calvin Klein sweater are thrift items ($1+$4+$4). The earrings, a gift from my boss and Steve Madden boots, a birthday gift a few years back (probably my most prized fashion item I have) ($0+$0). The pants are I.N.C., got them discounted at Macy's and the Younique denim jacket is one of those things I've had for 8 years and am just getting around to wearing it ($45+$30).
Total out of pocket: $84

Photos courtesy of Pfeifer Photography. Explore the rest of his work here.