Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Return of Pastel Florals: A Chicago Snip-it

Today, is the first of many days visiting my brother in Chicago. So far we've spent our time strolling the neighborhood taking his friendly, funny-shaped mixed breed dog named Sancho Panza for a walk. I usually grace Chicago with my presence semi annually, however it's been a few years since visiting in the summer and I must say I had forgotten how mighty splendid it can be. He is in a new neighborhood since I last visited and I can't wait to explore what treasures this one beholds.  

The last one here, for those of you who don't know me well, is more of my natural disposition. Getting sassy with my brother is only the most frequent way I am with him. The skirt is a creation of mine. This floral print is a material that I grew up detesting. It sat eagerly in my mother's stock pile of eclectic fabrics, until the day came that it returned to style (by far one of my favorite creations now). The top is a sale item of Ann Taylor's from not too long ago ($14). The necklace is from TJ Maxx ($15). The Earrings, from Francesca's ($12). Finally the Chanel inspired quilted bag I nabbed at an estate sale and the shoes via a Red Racks ($3+$4).     
Total out of pocket: $48

Thank you m'dear brother for taking the lovely photos as well as putting up with me for the next week.