Tuesday, June 26, 2012

La Vie en Rose: Tied Up and Twisted in Fuchsia

Beside being hot it's been incredibly muggy and it's supposed to stay for the next five days, oh joy. I was able to brave the heat and buy some fabric for a sundress I am making. I'm hoping to finish it in time for my trip to Chicago in a few weeks! It cooled off in the evening which was perfect, I was able to convince my mother to take a few pictures for me in her garden. Her roses are looking so lovely! I thought "la vie en rose" was most befitting for this post. Besides my mother's roses looking so lovely, it is most certainly a motto I live by. Some of you may have notice that there are a few pieces of jewelry that I am never without. The bracelet that I wear in fact has those very words inscribed on it. It's a reminder how important is it to have belief in things turning out for the best. It's incredible to see how your "joie de vie" effects those you encounter. I'm interested in what some mottos are that you live by, care to share?    

The scarf and white kitten heel pumps are both thrifts ($2+$4). The light blue sundress was a gift ($0). The button-up blouse in quite old on sale from Express ($18). And the earrings are from Francesca's ($12).
Total out of pocket: $36

Shoes most recently seen here and here

Thank you mother dear for taking such lovely pictures for me.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sweetly Shaded: Forever Red

So happy to take this sunhat out on my day off. I was expecting to have more of a productive day rather than a leisurely one, however the beautiful weather coaxed me into lunching and shopping with my mother followed by a quite lounge on the Nelson-Atkins Art Museum lawn with Miss Lindsey. The tied chambray button up over my red sundress was perfect for today, while it was breezy in the shade it kept the sun off my shoulders in the sun. As vampy as my wedges are they were still practical for traipsing through the park (no sinking heels)! As much as I use this bag, it is so versatile and any of my current reads (Summer by Edith Warton) always fit nicely inside. Time to get a new bag, maybe?   

First things first, the brown straw hat is from TJ Maxx ($20). As well as the necklace, the vampy wedges, the London Fog bag, AND the MK shades are also from TJ ($15+$30+$30+20). The red sundress was on sale at Gap ($25). The chambray button-up is a thrift ($3). And lastly the earrings are from Francesca's ($12).
Total out of pocket: $155

Cut-out wedges most recently seen here and here
Necklace and earrings also seen here

Thank you to the very talented Lindsey for taking the photos you can visit her blog here.     

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Colorful in Tropics: Keen on Green

 I've been dying to show you all these shorts. I snagged them a couple saturdays ago at Reruns Vintage warehouse for 10 bucks! They were actually pants when I purchased them but I thought they'd be so much cuter as shorts. It only took me about an hour and I wore them out that night to the drive-in with some good friends. I am so glad I got these shorts because it has been so much fun to wear these colorful parrot earrings with them. The earrings were actually a gift from an incredibly thoughtful and sweet class mate of mine. A fashion lover herself she thought that I'd enjoy these earrings and a few other gorgeous pieces that were handmade in her home country of Kenya. I've gotten so many compliments on them already and can't wait to have more fun with them and the shorts in the future. What do you think should I buy more vintage shorts like these?

The shorts were of course from Reruns ($10). The fun blouse was borrowed from my mother's closet ($0). The colorful scarf was a trade at Arizona Trading Company and just happened to match the earrings perfectly ($0+$0). The sunglasses are old from TJ ($20). And finally the kitten-heel white pumps were a thrift ($4).
Total out of pocket: $34

Thank you miss Lindsey for a lovely afternoon chat and the great pictures. You can check out her blog here! 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Tied up in Bows: Ready for the Rain

 While I was relaxing over the Memorial weekend holiday I got to thinking about those stressful mornings when I feel like I have absolutely nothing to wear. When in fact I have too many options to wear. I realized the quick fix to this problem (that I feel so many of us share) and took the opportunity to go through my wardrobe and pull out the things that I hadn't worn in the past year…or ever. It turned out to be half of my closet! I was able to trade in some of my clothes at Arizona Trading Company and I got cash back at Clothes Mentor. Because of the ridged criteria at consignment shops I was left with most of the clothes I set out with. I plan to donate the rest and drop by Goodwill this week. Is it time for you to clean out your closet??

Head to toe: Claire's headband ($3) and TJMaxx MK sunglasses ($20). Both the art deco earrings and scarf are thrifts ($2+$2). I got the blouse, peplum rain jacket, and pants discounted at Macy's ($20+$40+$40). The London Fog bag of course is from TJ ($30). And finally the black snake skin pumps are discounted from Shi ($30). 
Total out of pocket: $187

Headband also seen here
Cobalt rain jacket, blouse, and pants also seen here 

Thanks to the lovely Lindsey Bales for a great afternoon and for marvelous pictures. Check out her blog here!