Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Stroll in the Park: Spotted in Petal Pink

While stolling in the park, enjoying the marvelous weather, Lindsey and I made friends with a lovely lady and her two pups. They were perfect reminders to how badly I want one of my own, especially on a day like today! 

The pink rose earrings, black beaded necklace, and polka-dot blouse are all my mother's ($0+$0+$0). The black quilted leather bag was a find at an estate sale ($3). The black suede shoes were a nab on Etsy ($54). The black corduroy shorts are from Nordstom Rack, the tights were on sale at Kohl's, and the shade are MK from TJ ($10+$12+$20). Finally, the black blow head band is from Claire's ($3)
Total out of pocket: $102   

I have the lovely Lindsey Bales to thank for the pictures and the adventurous afternoon! 

Necklace, bag, and tights also seen here
The shorts also seen here
The sunglasses also seen here and here

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Comfort Zone: Comfortably Neutral

You'll notice that this is one of my few outfits that isn't composed of any thrifted or borrowed items! Definitely a chance happening! I love this outfit because, after a long weekend at a MASSP conference, I wanted something I could feel relaxed in while still looking chic. If I get the chance I'll try and put up some pictures from the conference, it was such a neat experience!

The fantastic tribal sweater is from Old Navy, my friend Ashley dragged me in there and I walked out with that pretty number ($18, and it was on clearance)! The linen top, I got on clearance at Urban Outfitters a few years ago ($12). The pants were a Macy's sale item ($45). The cutout wedges and London Fog bag are from TJ ($30+$30). Lastly, the earrings were a gift and the necklace is from Plato's Closet ($0+$4).
Total out of pocket: $139

Thanks to my wonderful mother for taking the pictures!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hiding Away: In Shades of Blue and Green

Perfect rainy day to hide away with a good book. Patrick and I dropped by Prospero's Books store on 39th, it's got that wonderful old book scent. You can always be sure to find something new and different every time.

I got these Mia wedges last week at TJ and I love 'em ($30)! The black corduroy shorts are new as well, I got them from Nordstrom Rack ($10). The olive green tights and Rachel Roy jacket are from Macy's (both on clearance $15+$6). The blouse and beaded necklace are both my mothers ($0+$0). The silver leaf earrings were a gift and the green bag was a thrifty thursday find a couple weeks ago ($0+$2).  
Total out of pocket: $63

Thanks to my friend Patrick for taking the lovely pictures.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Blown Away: Green for St. Paddy's Day

Like most of you fashionistas, I abhor the cliche, tacky holiday garb. So this is my fashionably festive outfit.  

The gold earrings and belt are both courtesy of my mothers ($0+$0). The beaded necklace, Tiffany blue blouse, and pleated black cotton skirt are all thrifts ($3+$3+$.50). My MK shades and patent leather peep-toe flats are from TJ ($20+$30). Finally, my black quilted leather bag was a find at an estate sale and the teal cardigan is from a previous St. Patty's day in SF, I got it at H&M ($3+$18). 
Total out of pocket: $77.50

Photos taken by my savvy friend Lindsey Bales. Check out her blog HERE!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dying to Dance: Bluie-Two-Shoes

These shoes were a steal! I've been just dying to wear them ever since I got them at Plato's Closet. They're brand new, never been worn, J. Crew satin pumps. With such bold pumps and a colorful top it was a toughie pairing them with the perfect accessories. I went simple and understated with the gold; complementing the blouse without taking away from the bright unique pattern.   

The blouse and all of the gold jewelry are my mother's, I loved how the chain on the watch matched perfectly with the chain on the necklace ($0+$0+$0+$0)! The white Guess jeans and Michael Kors shades are courtesy T.J. Maxx ($30+$20). The white clutch was one of my thrifty finds a couple Thursdays ago ($2). And the shoes finally, were only $12 (gotta love those great finds)!
Total out of pocket: $64

Thanks to the lovely Miss Ashley Graham for taking the photos

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dreamy in Cream: Floral Frock

Things to remember: Don't take pictures in the dark (they turn out all fuzzy). I tremendously enjoyed the lovely weather this past friday. I spent the first half of the day with my mother, having lunch and going shopping. The rest of the day, I hung out with a great friend of mine, so naturally I lost track of time. It wasn't until late in the evening that we decided that it was about time that I took some pictures in this lovely dress. And here they are!

This super cute floral dress was/is my mother's, she got it from Pier 1 (apparently they sold clothes once upon a time) back in the 90's ($0). The jacket, I got at an antique mall and it actually came with two other pieces, a vest and a skirt ($20). The ivory pumps are thrifted, as well as the green bag and the green scarf ($3+$2+$1). And the earrings were a gift ($0).
Total out of pocket: $26   

Pictures taken by Ashley Graham

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Blushing Lilies: Inspired in Purple

My outfit today was inspired by a piece of art work that is very dear to me. The painting below was given to me by an extremely talented artist, Nathanael Card. Besides being my oldest brother, he's a recognized artist by the Chicago Sun Times, he also just started his own arts production business. In addition to being very involved in the art community there, he's an environmentalist and is pursuing an opportunity to bring "greener" energy to homes across Chicago and ultimately lower many homeowners electricity bills. His inspiration in my daily life goes much farther than this painting, but I thought I'd start here.

Starting with the borrowed things: The ornate purple and gold earrings, necklace, and knotted belt are all my mothers from the 80's ($0+$0+$0). The Tiffany blue blouse and the purple loafers  are thrifts ($3+$2). The white Guess denim jeans were from TJ Maxx, as well as the ivory London Fog bag ($30+$30). Lastly, the purple cropped cardigan was from a boutique in San Diego ($25).
Total out of pocket: $90

Photos taken by Miss Ashley Graham

Get inspired and check out Nathanael Card HERE or connect with him through Facebook or Google+!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Sweetly Organic: Tapestry Jacket

I just absolutely love this jacket! I took it hostage from my mother and can't get enough of it. It's so earthy with it's ornate cotton stitching and raw silk lining. The necklace actually has a cute story behind it. I grew up loving this bolo style necklace of my mothers, somewhere along the way it got lost. I was spending the day with a great friend of mine and stumbled upon it at this charming antique shoppe, and the tiny sentimental part of me just had to get it. It goes perfectly with the woodland floral pattern on the jacket.

I'll save the best for last. The gold filigree earrings and striped forest green button up shirt are borrowed from my mother, the camel leather belt and bag are thifts ($0+$0+$1+$4). The concrete colored pants are discounted from Macy's and the lace-up boots were a gift ($45+$0). The Michael Kors cat-eye sunglasses are from TJ Maxx (I wish I had a better picture of them), they're my favorite pair ($20). And lastly, the woodland tapestry jacket, since it was borrowed was of no cost to me (certainly looks like a hundred bucks!)($0). 
Total out of pocket: $70