Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dreamy in Cream: Floral Frock

Things to remember: Don't take pictures in the dark (they turn out all fuzzy). I tremendously enjoyed the lovely weather this past friday. I spent the first half of the day with my mother, having lunch and going shopping. The rest of the day, I hung out with a great friend of mine, so naturally I lost track of time. It wasn't until late in the evening that we decided that it was about time that I took some pictures in this lovely dress. And here they are!

This super cute floral dress was/is my mother's, she got it from Pier 1 (apparently they sold clothes once upon a time) back in the 90's ($0). The jacket, I got at an antique mall and it actually came with two other pieces, a vest and a skirt ($20). The ivory pumps are thrifted, as well as the green bag and the green scarf ($3+$2+$1). And the earrings were a gift ($0).
Total out of pocket: $26   

Pictures taken by Ashley Graham

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  1. Love your shoes! I'm getting a Audrey Hepburn flashback here haha, gorgeous!