Sunday, May 13, 2012

Let Me Introduce You: Chocolate for Two

I started the day with a group presentation in my Marketing class (which I think went quite well) and spent the afternoon with my dearest friend Ashley Graham and the rest of the evening sewing a dress for an incredibly beautiful wedding I went to in Eureka Springs Arkansas this past weekend (pictures will be up soon!!). Ashley has the cutest style, I think if I were to have any other style besides my own it'd be hers. We had such a fun day trying new things. We indulged ourselves at Annedore's: Fine Chocolates. It's tucked away in the West Plaza neighborhood right next to that charming little coffee house Hi Hat. We sampled their new most delectable chocolate, the peanut butter cow. Ashley got a number of chocolate cigars and I spoiled myself with their chocolate creme truffles. An excellent gift for any occasion, who's going to be the next lucky friend of mine to receive that sweet present!

Calvin Klein blue dress was a gift ($0). I got the beautiful scarf on a fabulous trip to San Fran in Chinatown ($10). I got the shoes, necklace, and bag all from TJ ($30+$15+$30). And the earrings I had purchased earlier but when I found the necklace the other day they just were meant to be, ab-so-lute-ly perfect match together($12)!

Total out of pocket: $97

Thanks to the marvelous miss Ashley for taking the pictures.


  1. Beautiful blue! And I think I've told you how much I love these sunglasses :)

  2. gorgeous look!!!

    Corinne xo

  3. Classic and beautiful ensembles. Love the cobalt dress.

  4. gorgeous necklace!

  5. Beautiful cobalt blue dress and pretty necklace!!