Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hi Hat: Boyish and Sweet

My favorite thing to do is to discover new places. It seems as though every single time my friend Ashley and I get together we always have an adventure making new discoveries. Yesterday we came across the most precious little cafe tucked away in the West Plaza neighborhood, it's call Hi Hat Cafe. I almost hate to share it it's so cute, but if you're in the area and want to sip your coffee in complete serenity next to a trickling stream, definitely swing by. 

 I love finding reasons to wear this Kangol newsboy hat. It is one of my most cherished things I received from my grandfather's wardrobe when he passed ($0). The blouse was my mothers ($0). The scarf and earrings were gifts ($0+$0). The navy capris were on sale at Macy's ($30). The kitten heel pumps are from Charlotte Russe, one of those pairs I've really worn out, they're such a neat platinum color ($15)! Finally, the MK shades and London Fog bag are from TJ ($20+$30).
Total out of pocket: $95

Shades most recently seen herehere, and here
The bag most recently seen here and here

Thank you to the marvelous miss Ashley Graham for taking the pictures. 


  1. You rock the cap really well, and I love the sunglasses!

  2. Stunning! You look fabulous ,great Outfit :)

    Lovely Greetings<3

  3. love the look!


  4. I love it! You look very well put together!

  5. cute!!!

  6. you have wicked style. the trousers are so hepburn-ish! plus, always love finding other thrifty-minded people. clearly gonna end up stalking through your whole blog now, haha xx